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Campus Ministers in Training

Have you ever thought of being a campus pastor? Do you want to be equipped to be a minister where ever God leads you after college? The CMIT internship program is designed to help both campus pastors and marketplace missionaries grow and learn what it means to be a disciple of Christ. We guarantee this will be an experience you won’t regret!

Why do an Internship?
By Brady Bobbink

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What would you say to someone considering the UCM Internship?

“Are you eager to be radically shaped to be more like Jesus, and a more effective witness for Him in the world? Good. DO IT. You will learn more than you’d ever dream. You will be grown in your character as you learn to excel in amazing ways. You’ll be carefully, lovingly, intentionally shaped as a person by the Lord and the UCM staff.” – Melissa Mead — campus pastor at Central WA. U.

“Do it! This year has changed my life for the better…The studies really helped me to figure out what I believe instead of someone telling me what I had to believe. I walked away more equipped for life, whether I go to the marketplace or ministry.” -Katy Gunderson — works in the marketplace as an accountant

“No matter where you see yourself in the future, the internship will train you in personal and spiritual habits that are vital in every aspect of life and applicable to any career. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn about yourself. The UCM Internship is “the perfect environment for exponential growth.” -Karen Porter — Planned to be a teacher but recently joined the Chi Alpha team at Eastern Wash.

“I have personally experienced a tremendous growth in my relationship with Jesus. I understand to a far greater degree what it truly means to be a Christian and to follow Christ, and I have a wealth of real-world experience that is beyond any other Christian training I have received.” -Jesse Scholer — worked as an engineer and married when he came to do the UCM Internship and served on staff for a couple years at Eastern Wash. U.

“I would challenge you to seriously compare the UCM Internship with whatever else you are thinking about doing and see which one would really be more impactful on your future life. You will … learn disciplines, which will be helpful in anything you do. I found the most valuable part of all is that the staff personally cared for each of the interns as they mentored us. -Jeff Jenkins — completed two years in the Internship program and is now serving International students at Skagit Valley College.

“Do it! It will change your life and your ministry; it will teach you how to be a better pastor and to think pastorally. It will teach you how to be intentional and disciplined. It will grow your character.” -Abbey Lammers — completed her undergrad at a Central Bible College and is preparing for ministry to students in Europe.

“Get ready to be reshaped…the internship is just as challenging as people say it is, but completely worth it. You might not think that 10 months can prepare you for life, but they definitely can. Even if you’re not considering campus ministry as a long-term career, think and pray about letting the Lord use you to shake up your university (or someone else’s!).” -Jessica Mayo — recently entered the market place working with the marginalized and at-risk youth.

“It’s hard. Sometimes you’ll feel like you are being torn up into a heap. But then you get put back together into a person who knows the Bible better, is closer to Jesus, is a better leader, a better speaker, a better planner, and in general a person with a more solid foundation.” -Johanna Vicklund — completed two years of the internship and is now serving on staff at Skagit Valley College.

“DO IT! I think it has been one of the most shaping times in my life as far as my spiritual walk goes. I feel that it has been super helpful and I have walked out from the first year much more equipped for ministry than I was before. The Internship is also good for those planning on going to the marketplace, because it helps define what you believe, why you believe it, and equips you in how to communicate your faith.” -Kaleb Cuevas — Hails from Texas and him and his wife are currently working and living in Bellingham.