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Jesus in His Own Words

There’s a lot out there about who Jesus is, what He said, who He claimed to be. But why not check those claims out for yourself? Why not go right to the source to determine if He was who He claimed to be? Join us this Fall for an examination of the claims Jesus made about Himself, in His own words.

Come & See

Jesus invites everyone, individually, to “come and see” for themselves if He is who He claims to be, and if His offer of truth is real.  What better time than college – when everything is up for questions – to make Jesus a part of your exploration?

Light of the World

Darkness regularly describes disorientation, confusion, and even danger.  College is great, but it can feel confusing or threatening sometimes too, can’t it?  In His own words, Jesus offers to be the light of your world, to make things clear for you, and to tell you what’s true.  And not only that, but He also promises…