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What Isaiah Saw...

Our unifying theme throughout this series will be Isaiah’s statement in chapter 6: “I saw the Lord…”. Each sermon will be rooted in one passage that highlights a significant theme of the book and draws attention to the contrast between God and His people within each. In addition, we see each sermon answering 2 questions: a. What did Isaiah’s words mean to his audience and b. How do they translate to us.

The Suffering Servant

A lot of the NT writers (Gospels, Paul, etc) have Isaiah in mind in their writings and they especially see Jesus being the prophetic fulfillment of the Isaiah 52 passage.  We just can’t read this passage without thinking about Jesus and all He went through on the cross.

True Witnesses

Isaiah saw that Israel was called to be a witness to the nations around her. He saw Israel as they were – a people of injustice. Isaiah saw and prophesied of a suffering servant who would come to make atonement for the sin of bearing false witness. We are the new Israel and yet, we can […]

In That Day…

In Isaiah 65, God gives His people a vision of what’s to come – a day in the future when all will be restored. But to grasp what He’s saying, we have to go back to Genesis 1 and to Revelation at the end of scripture. It’s a vision that is for us, God’s people […]