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The Stress of Running Your Life

We’re too busy NOT to pray! But we often feel too busy to pause and hear God’s voice; we try to run our days instead of bringing them to the Father. The counter-intuitive response is that the greater the demand on our schedule, the more pressing the need to fight for sacred space with God […]

The Stress of Distraction

So much distraction comes from input and a constant stream of social media. We need to unplug; drive back the forces that clamor for our attention over God and learn to hear God in silence — to pause and let stress melt away in silence and solitude before Jesus.  A call to sacred space — […]

The Stress of Relational Conflict

The gospel and the Spirit of God help us in conflict.  To be a believer is to sign up for conflict.  Natural tendencies are fight or flight.  The gospel is raising conflict (appropriately) and reconciliation/restoration.  Peace-makers work hard for reconciliation.

The Stress of Seeking Security

Our priority is seeking the Kingdom — this simplifies our life.  Anchored in our knowledge that there is a Father in Heaven who takes care of us… we don’t need to rush to consume.  Busy-ness is rooted in the drive for the things we think will make us secure.  Learn to pray the prayer “I […]