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The Stress of Running Your Life

We’re too busy NOT to pray! But we often feel too busy to pause and hear God’s voice; we try to run our days instead of bringing them to the Father. The counter-intuitive response is that the greater the demand on our schedule, the more pressing the need to fight for sacred space with God…

The Stress of Distraction

So much distraction comes from input and a constant stream of social media. We need to unplug; drive back the forces that clamor for our attention over God and learn to hear God in silence — to pause and let stress melt away in silence and solitude before Jesus.  A call to sacred space —…

The Stress of Relational Conflict

The gospel and the Spirit of God help us in conflict.  To be a believer is to sign up for conflict.  Natural tendencies are fight or flight.  The gospel is raising conflict (appropriately) and reconciliation/restoration.  Peace-makers work hard for reconciliation.

The Stress of Seeking Security

Our priority is seeking the Kingdom — this simplifies our life.  Anchored in our knowledge that there is a Father in Heaven who takes care of us… we don’t need to rush to consume.  Busy-ness is rooted in the drive for the things we think will make us secure.  Learn to pray the prayer “I…