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We Are Missionaries

How Does a Missionary Pray?

A missionary knows that the only hope for change in the people they’re reaching out to around them is by the power of God.  Prayer is the language of dependence.  Missionaries pray because they know they can’t change people.  Praying like a missionary often means praying for a long time, faithfully, being a steadfast pray-er.…

SSI Testimonies

To kick off the quarter and the new series on who & what a missionary is, we will hear from some of the students who went on a Student Spring Impact (SSI) trip over Spring Break.

How Does A Missionary Feel?

Ephesians 2:12 When Jesus looked out on the crowds who were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd, He had compassion on them.  Before He gives the instruction to “leave everything and follow me” to the rich, young ruler, Jesus “looked at him, and loved him”.  Do we have compassion for the lost?  Do…

How Does a Missionary Speak?

Missionaries are purposeful.  They analyze their environment and relationships, and try to think about how the gospel fits best in those contexts.  Missionaries are willing to speak the gospel  They are proactive with their message to the people around them.  Once you are planted as a missionary, then what’s it like to be proactive with…