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Sermons by David Knebel

Living Sacrifices Hear Best

What’s Your Posture? God is Eager to Confide – His posture is open – with the person who offers himself or herself to Him. The thoughts, commands, and dreams of God’s heart are so precious that He’s not going to share them with a closed, distracted heart.

The Stress of Relational Conflict

The gospel and the Spirit of God help us in conflict.  To be a believer is to sign up for conflict.  Natural tendencies are fight or flight.  The gospel is raising conflict (appropriately) and reconciliation/restoration.  Peace-makers work hard for reconciliation.

The Stress of Seeking Security

Our priority is seeking the Kingdom — this simplifies our life.  Anchored in our knowledge that there is a Father in Heaven who takes care of us… we don’t need to rush to consume.  Busy-ness is rooted in the drive for the things we think will make us secure.  Learn to pray the prayer “I…

Who is the Holy Spirit?

John 14:16-18 & Acts 16:7 Some may think of the Holy Spirit and be curious, nervous, feel stuck, or that they do no need him. To all these people, the message of the first sermon is the same: the Holy Spirit is God himself, and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit Adopts Us

Romans 8:14-17, Mark 1:9-11   Perhaps the most fundamental thing the Spirit does is sealing us as part of God’s family.  He sealed Jesus as the beloved Son, and Paul says we have received the Spirit of adoption.  The Holy Spirit reshapes our fundamental identity to be: we are children of God.  The Spirit is…