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Sermons by Geoff Mumley

Come & See

Jesus invites everyone, individually, to “come and see” for themselves if He is who He claims to be, and if His offer of truth is real.  What better time than college – when everything is up for questions – to make Jesus a part of your exploration?

Light of the World

Darkness regularly describes disorientation, confusion, and even danger.  College is great, but it can feel confusing or threatening sometimes too, can’t it?  In His own words, Jesus offers to be the light of your world, to make things clear for you, and to tell you what’s true.  And not only that, but He also promises […]

The Rich Young Ruler

Mark 10:17-22 The rich young ruler thought he understood the law, how to be right with God.  But Jesus gives him an unexpected answer.  Jesus calls for our allegiance above all else.  You have your whole life ahead of you – how will you decide what to do with it?  And who gets to make […]

Give to Caesar & Give to God

Luke 20:20-26 The Pharisees tried to trap Jesus with a politically volatile question, but he gave an unexpected answer!  In his answer, we find help in figuring out how to be Christians at election time.  Jesus calls us to participate in the political culture appropriately (vote your values!), but to not put all our hope […]

New Sex

So you get the Christian worldview, but what if it doesn’t match your experience?  This sermon is a place to recognize that everyone’s story with sex is messed up.  So if you have had sex outside of marriage, have gotten pregnant, have had an abortion, are addicted to pornography, are same-sex attracted, are deeply discontent being single […]

Jesus Calms the Storm

Mark 4:35-41 The disciples thought they knew Jesus, but this story reveals his unexpected identity as the One who has power over the wind and the waves. No matter where you’re coming from, Jesus wants to expand your vision of who he is during your time at Western. Are you willing to let him reveal […]