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Sermons on Fall Camps

Life in the spirit – 1

Fall Camp Session 1: The Spirit in the Life of Jesus and His disciples –  The Spirit has always been God’s empowering presence in the lives of His people.  He’s all over the Old Testament, and enjoys an empowering relationship with Jesus, too.  So when Jesus says, “I’m leaving,” He can also say, “But I […]

Life in the Spirit – 2

Fall Camp Session 2 – What does it mean to keep in step with the Spirit? Paul says our relationship with the Spirit is like dancing – letting Him take the lead, letting Him facilitate our relationship with God, empowering us for His mission, healing us from our past hurts, remaking us to look like […]

Life in the Spirit – 3

Fall Camp Session 3 – What’s it mean for a whole community to keep in step with the Spirit? The Spirit is not only an individual Counselor, Guide, Empowerer, and facilitator of our relationship with Jesus on a personal level.  He also does that for us corporately.  In fact, a community of people “in step […]