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Baptism Class | Friday November 17 4pm Arntzen Hall 12

For 2000 years the ancient ritual of baptism has been THE initiating act for Jesus' followers. If you haven't been baptized yet--it is time! And you have a chance at the end of the quarter! We want to invite any of you considering baptism to spend 90 minutes with us at the Baptism class where we talk through the significance of baptism. This class is also open to anyone who just wants to learn more about baptism. Class will be Friday, Nov. 17th at 4pm in AH 12


What: Learn about baptism 

When: Friday, Nov. 17 at 4pm

Where: Arntzen Hall 12, WWU

Who: Everyone is invited! 

If you're interested, download the application below and send it to David at david@ccfministry.com