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Corefa Resources


Welcome to the Core Truth Studies!

These studies are designed to be a basic introduction to what it means to follow Jesus and to some of the basic core beliefs we as his followers hold to. These studies are by no means exhaustive. Many more topics could have been included and the ones we did include could have been developed with much greater depth. Our primary goal in these studies is to help people experience the joy of interacting with Scriptures firsthand, to help them consider some of the essentials of the message of Christ and to get them thinking about some of the implications to letting the ministry and mission of Jesus shape our everyday lives. We hope these studies will foster good thought and be a springboard for good conversation with others. But beyond simply being good points of reflection and conversation it is our sincere desire that these studies will help you come face to face with Jesus and help you to center your entire life around him as you begin to experience the amazingly abundant and rich life that he came to bring. To that end we pray and for God’s glory we offer up these studies.




Foundations In Christ

Missional Life

Community Life

Spiritual Disciplines

Holy Spirit

College Life

Studies:  An Act Of Worship

Returning Next Year? (Coming Soon)


Book Studies