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Thank you for joining us in moving CCF forward! Your gift is essential to reaching, equipping, and sending college students to the university, marketplace and the world!

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Want to learn more about CCF’s mission and model?

CCF is part of a multi-campus outreach to secular universities of the US, called University Christian Ministries, and is affiliated with the world wide mission of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. We are a faith-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, under Hillcrest Chapel Corporation, and all gifts are tax-deductible. All gifts given to CCF are unrestricted and will be used to further the mission and Move CCF Forward. If you are interested in making a restricted gift, please contact for more details.

We are dedicated to keeping the highest financial integrity. All of our financials are overseen and held accountable by the board of Hillcrest Chapel Corporation and by the leadership of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

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