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If you have just experienced the filling of the Holy Spirit, you're probably wondering what's next. You have been given a precious gift, one that is meant to be cultivated throughout your life with Jesus. 

Chi Alpha, our national organization, has developed a resource to help students go deeper with the Spirit after they have received what Acts calls the "Baptism of the Spirit" or "Filling of the Spirit". Don't get hung up on the language...the new testament writers were constantly reaching for language to help their readers grasp the meaning of the experience.

To help you take the next steps in experiencing and exploring the gift of the Spirit you've been given, you can either receive weekly emails or access a podcast that our beloved Dick Schroeder (who is part of our national Chi Alpha team) has developed. They are short and very practical. 

As always, your CCF staff is available to talk about what you are learning and experiencing with the Spirit so don't hesitate to reach out. 

Next Steps:

  1. Sign up for informative emails about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to keep growing in your understanding of Spiritual Gifts.

2. Download the Chi Alpha App to listen to a podcast about Spiritual Gifts.


To Download the App, go to your Apple App Store, Google Play, etc. and Search “ Chi Alpha” (the app should look like the one pictured left.)

Once downloaded, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app

  2. Click the Resources button

  3. Click Media

  4. Go to the “You got the Holy Spirit” Podcast

  5. Scroll Down to 1- “Introduction” and start listening