Hearing God


Have you ever wondered how to hear from God? 

No Other gods


The Dream Redeemed

God of Sex

Sex is good and sex is powerful.  God created it and celebrates it, but it also needs to be contained, and work within bounds (vs. current culture’s last “ethic” of consent).  This 3 part series covers the basic Christian worldview about sex, and why it matters.

Fall Retreat 2016


Jesus was never accused of being boring.  During His time on Earth people were often surprised at the way that He interacted with others.  Reflecting on the stories of Jesus' life can produce profound results in us.

We Are Missionaries (Spring Quarter 2016)

We Are Missionaries (Spring Quarter 2016)

Being a missionary isn't just an overseas thing, it is a CHRISTIAN thing.  This series is meant to inspire and equip followers of Jesus to see themselves as missionaries and to live like one.  

Filled Up: Living Spiritually Full

Filled Up: Living Spiritually Full

Don’t settle for a mediocre Christian experience!  We can get stuck in our Christian activities with little dynamic of God’s presence in our lives.  God has much more in store for his people through the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit.  We were made for more.