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 Lots of things change in college - your friends, your time, your worldview.  Some people think God changes, too - between Testaments, or in different circumstances.  But He doesn't.  He's unchanging from the Old Testament, to Jesus, to today - you can count on it.


September 29, 2017

God reveals Himself in the entire Bible - His “I AM” answer to Moses is “I’m not like other gods - let me show you!”  And the whole of Scripture is God’s demonstration.  But many people see the Bible as the story of a bipolar God - wrath and law in the OT, grace in the NT.  But it has always been grace.

October 6, 2017

In the original creation story, God creates light, order, and life out of darkness, chaos and no life.  And because God doesn't change we see Jesus doing the same thing.  Where do you need Jesus to bring light, order, or life into your experience?

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