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Ministry Updates

Opening Week at WWU!

CCF Webmaster

darius story pic.JPG

Move in week is a time when we spread our nets wide! Every opportunity, every event possible...we do it. We set up games, blankets, and coffee on one of the lawns on campus and boy did we meet some people! These past few weeks have been filled with getting to come together alongside staff, interns, and student leaders as we get set to welcome others to Western and into our community! Below are some pictures from our kick off on Sunday night. We served hundreds of pizzas, played games, and met hundreds of students!

Small Things Make a Big Difference…

Woods Cards.jpeg

This may look like just a stack of woods cards (which is still pretty awesome). But it is way more than that, each card represents one student who’s life could be dramatically transformed by Jesus this year! Each of our staff, interns, and small group leaders have been given two $5 gift cards to use to take new students out for coffee within the first week of classes. And we’ll give away 100 more at our first few Friday nights! A huge thank you to Woods Coffee for generously partnering with us to reach WWU students!

The Power of a Cookie

Give a cookie — Make a friend!

During this time of year, we have a goal to welcome and build relationships with as many of the 3,000 new freshman and transfer students as we can! What is one way we don this? Through cookies! Our student leaders, interns, and staff utilize this small gift to bless and welcome students— and it makes a huge difference!

For example, a couple student leaders were going around residence halls giving out cookies, when they knocked on the door of a student who looked like she had been crying. They were able to talk with her and invite her to a game and pizza night later that evening. She came! Through this simple knock on a door with cookies, this girl was able to meet people in her residence hall and connect to a community as she adjusts to college life.