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The Power of Prayer

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Never Miss an Opportunity to Pray for Someone”

This phrase is one of the new “axioms”we are trying this year - short, memorable phrases that help build habits in our community.  We teach them to our student leaders and bring them into conversations frequently.  We knew it was working when a student asked one of our campus pastors, “Why does everyone keep saying that?”  And we have seen more students praying for each other too!

FNF painting.JPG

Speaking of prayer, we wanted to share with you this beautiful painting (above) from Hugo, one of our interns this year.  He shared this at our Friday Night Fellowship a couple weeks ago as a reflection on what we have been teaching. 

Here’s his description of the painting:

Hugo Chow

Hugo Chow

“This painting is based on last Friday Night’s sermon on spiritual gifts in gathering. When I reflected on this sermon, I think prayer is where we can manifest the gifts of the Spirit. When we pray for someone, God gives us the gift to meet their need and to build up each other. When we gather to pray, there is healing, there is prophecy, there’s word of wisdom, miracles happen when we pray. The presence of God is among us when we pray, and the figure in white in this painting represents the presence of God. God give gifts to His people in all ages and races that is why I painted people in different races and children in this painting. I hope this painting can be an encouragement to all of us that when we pray, open and listen to what God has to give us and to realize there is power in prayer!”